Solar Transform Cambodia Loan

We’re Changing an Transform Cambodia from expensive Toxic Energy to a Solar System

  • Earn 7% Guaranteed Interest Per Year
  • Loan Term Available 1-7 Years
  • Asset Backed. Multi-Guarantees and Insurance
  • US Dollar Based Project
  • Lend As Low As $25
  • Project Expanded Every $2000 Raised

Project = Solar Transform Cambodia Loan



project main supporting details



  • Project Type

= AOE Solar Transform Cambodia Loan (Rooftop Solar)

  • Total Project Raise

= $20,000

  • Used For Specifically

= Solar Equipment Purchases and Installation Costs

  • Time to Raise

= 90 days max

  • Raise Open/Closed

= Open Use Raise, each $2,000 can be allocated Immediately

  • Raise Notes

= Will raise for 30 or 60 days or until $20,000 before begin ordering equipment, whichever comes first.

  • Funding Increments to Allocate

= (In unit of $2,000)

  • Long Term

= 7 years

  • Risk Adjustments/Notes

= 7 years

  • Risk Rate

= 7% Lender Rate

  • Broker Rate

= Varies (contact us)

  • Location

= Phnom Penh Cambodia

  • Organization

= Transform Cambodia

  • Organization Age

= 2 years, (Date)

  • Organization Size

= Congregation 250 + 2nd Transform cambodia Location + Campus Ministries

  • Building Type

= 2x4 Storey Office with Mass Hall on 1st

  • Grid Connected?

= Grid Tied

  • Producing Excess over use?

= No

  • Total Timeline

= 90 days raise. 50 days build = 140 days (4 months 20days)

Why do this?

This Transform Cambodia has the budget, credibility, quality, Impact, and proven success record you all desire in a project. They spend a ton of money buying expensive Toxic energy polluting our environment. The NGO does a great job but let’s face it, when you are adopting orphans in an undeveloped country, we need to stretch every dollar. Let’s change them over to solar by financing their system so it will be paid for and free needed up money for the kids. Not having to pay for electricity will be like having a donor that just keeps on paying for 50-60 years or more. Now that’s smart finance! And smart environment too! And Anti-corruption! Guaranteed delivery of your project, achieving the sustainable development goals, philanthropy and smart finance where it counts the most. Now let’s do it together and let’s Change The World and make a brighter day for the kids!

Our Current Challenge/Opportunity:


The problem is merely capital, and now you can solve it and earn your way to Changing The World! Forget the banks who pay you nothing and do little to give back, now you can give forward and earn a Huge return Changing Lives!

Funding Goal Achieved

Raised $0.00 of $20,000.00
Project Finished Progress: 0%
$20,000 Goal 1
Raised by people
Began: Wed, 07 Nov 2018
Location: Americans in Cambodia

Overflow Goal #2

$0 of $10,000

Project Finished Progress


Overflow Goal #3

$0 of $10,000

Project Finished Progress


Overflow Goal #4

$0 of $10,000

Project Finished Progress


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Created March 22, 2018


Mike Krenn



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Every little bit helps! This is for us all. We’ll put your name up on a slide at an upcoming San Diego Venture Group meeting. Thank you!


Loved Contributor

We dig you. Certificate of contribution and thanks for you to post to your social nets. (encourage others to make that difference!) Your name proudly and prominently displayed in bold (if want) on AOE website.


Super Saver

+ Your family’s name proudly displayed at the facility of install on a plaque.

+ Picture of the plaque and special project collage for you to use.


Solar Star

All the previous benefits and shoutouts, and your photo goes up on the AOE website.


Change Maker

Mailed handprint art of one of the kids you are actually helping in this project. Perfect for a framed wall art. And encased with a photo of the project.


Change Lender

All + A 5% bonus paid out in AOECOIN Digital Currency Mention of you in the finale video of the project in thanks.


SDG SuperCharger

All+ AOE Polo Shirt or Business Shirt

Framed Art from the project for your pad combining the kids and AOE sparks.


Charge Champion

All + Personal Video call with AOE Team

  • + Extra 2% in AOECOIN for a total of 7%
  • + Signed Letter from AOE's CCTWO
  • + Your family names in Big on the project plaque


Victorious Overcomer

  • + 3 day Trip to Cambodia and half day with AOE CCTWO
  • + Visit the project and others
  • + Hang out in AOE office with us (as we work out tails off)
  • + Dinner with CCTWO and other AOE mates
  • + Lifetime Change The World Championship Team Insider's Club Circle 'Membership'

Client Benefits

  • Losing $540 a months
  • No backup energy supply if power goes down
  • No contribution to Sustainable Development Goals
  • Making Carbon Emissions and contributing to the man make part of Solar-Earth Climate Change which severely in affecting Cambodia
  • Using up big part of Cambodia's small energy supply while others go without or expensive
  • Contributing to economic loss of Cambodia losing 11% of GDP to toxic energy imports
  • Causing illness and death due to air pollution related Toxic energy burning
  • Not an example to other Transform Cambodia for proper financial stewardship
  • No long term financial security losing this $540 a month which can be invested or used for other purposes to help people
  • 5 year corruption / terrorism / pollution / trade deficit finance is $32,400
  • 20 year is $124,800 and Nothing for the kids
  • 60years "solar life" lost $388,000 IF prices don't rise
  • $540 a month going to repay the transform Cambodia's solar system equipment asset. Banked asset!
  • Backup power supply (the grid) if the sun goes out in the daytime. Ain't gonna happen! :D
  • Big contribution to the sustainable development goals
  • Nearly all Carbon emissions 'smoked' for good in one wonderful project. Limits Climate Change.
  • Directly increasing Cambodian Energy Capacity which has can have a price lowering effect.
  • Eliminates pollutions caused by Toxic Energy use, making people healthier and saving lives.
  • A great example to other Transform school for financial stewardship.
  • 60 year long term improved financial security
  • After 7 years, $540 freed up to do Charity!
  • 5 year saving is $32,400 vs $20,000 cost+finance
  • 20 year saving is $129,000
  • Nearly $100,000 extra for the kids!!
  • $388,000 more invested in the kids minds, hearts, and bodies, plus all that compounding greatness!

What are we doing with the money?

  • Project Total Budget $20,000 – (Every $2,000 we can add 1 KW but prefer to do in one whole raise as inverters are much more cost effective buying and using larger single units.) This project best with 20KW Inverter in one go.
  • Solar Equipment Purchase and Installation Cost = $20,000
  • AOE receives the funds, orders the solar equipment, investers, and installs asap on arrival.
  • We then photo and video the completed metered project for advertising in media, on FiCleaNergy and for supporting our scale-ups and further projects. We currently have 293 Locations with accepted offers for install so we can allocate a total of 8.5 Million USD into projects like these. As we do more and more, likely financiers will come on to support strongly, so by financing our early projects, really your contribution is leading to something huge in the near term.
  • AOE runs all of our installation costs including purchase of equipment and AOE profit inside of this amount.
  • AOE is advancing the first 1 Kilowatt install from our own capital reserves in advance and will recover it from this financing. This cost is $2,000.
  • The project is carried out by AOE team as AOE ANGKOR Solar under the AOE SolarTransform Cambodia Program
  • AOE runs several divisions under the same startup, designed this way to later be able to spin off several IPOs on the Cambodia Stock market. Currently we are a small staff team of 14 however and do it all in house.
  • The installations we will sometimes contract out but provide our own knowledge and electrical designs for the applicable installation locations. We will install this project on our own with our own in house electrical engineer and roofing contractor. (Already Done.)

Project Timeline

  • Funding Completion Date. - Receive money.
  • Order all solar equipment - Equipment arrives in 30-45 days
  • AOE sends engineers up to the roof to prepare the site work in advance for safety and efficiency
  • Installation takes place over 7 work days (total 37-45 days)
  • AOE posts photo of the equipment reception and also the beginnings of intall on the rooftop
  • AOE has commissioning ceremony (1 day)
  • AOE takes photo and videos and cuts them for marketing (3 days)
  • AOE posts final pics and videos to FiCleaNergy and other platforms
  • AOE sends this finished marketing package to Investors around the world and to media
  • AOE submits more projects continually
  • **AOE reserves the right to consolidate funds for projects into other ones so if it makes a big cost savings difference on inverters and finish projects out completely which will help out total raise efforts as we can show more finished projects in our record.
  • AOE may apply for finance from local finance companies if we can find cost effective short term finance that helps us to save on some equipment. (However this is a big challenege due crazy high finance costs in Cambodia)
  • Total project start to completion time = 41-49 days open to close from receiving the funds from the raise.

Project Location(s) - In Cambodia

Cambodia Phnom Penh

Current Project

Planned Overflow Projects

Phnom Penh

Where is the Project?

In the heart of Cambodia’s Capital City, Phnom Penh. One the Secure Real Estate Buildings of one of the world’s most credible Children’s NGOs. You want to make come Impact? Now THIS is how it’s done. For Profit Scalable Social Enterprise Projects Using Innovative Finance, Clean Energy, Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and helping those who need it the most, the marginalized and underpriviledged in the lights out undeveloped peaceful nations, FIRST!! And not only that, but you are also helping Breakthrough Small Private Energy Innovators to them go on to commercialize some of the world’s finest in Clean Energy Innovations in Human History. This is what Development Finance and Competency in Social Welfare and SDG programs should look like, move over WEF, we’ve got a whole new template of Change where you are just all talk, no action, while the kids and innovators go with little support, and you are just ignoring it all.

For Registered Users can see all Location and Contact Info for the AOE Project Pictures, Videos, the full electric.



  • Organization Photos
  • AOE Photos


  • Organization Videos
  • AOE Videos

Executive of Target Project Quote

Transform cambodia provides a great opportunity for the kids and we love our mission. Solar would provide us more cost effective energy long term and help us leave a Long Term Legacy of Positive Change.

Mike Krenn


Director, Transform cambodia

Leading the effort is Jerry Fisher. Jerry was a director of Transform cambodia, the French NGO that cares for 1,000 Orphans and Visually and Hearing Challenged Kids. He has been with Transform cambodia for 3 years. Previously he helped out with xyz organization and believes that supporting these kids is rewarding and fulfilling. With the help of guys like Jerry, Tramform Cambodia has become one of the top NGOs in the world ranking #10 in Accountability ”Solar will help us be more effective with our financial resources and help put a little more long term stability into the mission”

Supporter Quote From Website

This is an entrepreneurial idea to support Social welfare organizations. It’s the way our leadership SHOULD be thinking. We can keep complaining about the lack of capital for social orgs, or we can actually DO something and finance amazing initiatives like these! I encourage you jump on board and get behind this project. Spread the world!

Mark Bowles


Video Professional

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  • Approval of Project
  • Note
  • License
  • Rental Contr
  • Take Back
  • Property Access
  • Police Escort
  • Court Declaration
  • Application Form
  • Full Summary Org
  • Collateral
  • Reserves
  • Net Worth Stmt.
  • Financial Income Statement
  • Electric Bill
  • Basic Sketch-up
  • Final electric plan
  • Commissioning letter
  • Solar Meter Reading
  • Approval
  • License
  • Rental Contr
  • Take-Back
  • Approval
  • License
  • Rental Contr
  • Take-Back
  • Approval
  • License
  • Rental Contr
  • Take-Back

10 MW


Rate: $0.20/kWh

Yield: 1650 kWh/kWp/year

Production: 16,500 KWh/year

Total: $3,300

Current Power

9.987 KW

Inverter Comparison Status

Final comparison
Monday, April 08, 2018


27.361 kWh(Today)
Total: 150 kWh


$5.470 (Today)

CO2 avoided

1.4 Kg(Today)
Total: 27 kg

Plant information

Plant power: 10kWp
Commisioning: 01/03/2018


28o Sunshine
Tomorrow: 29o Sunshine

My share


My Cash


My earnings


My CO2 avoidance


Overflow Goals - How Can We Scale? (Goal 2# is the 1st overflow goal. 2nd raise goal)

  • Overflow "Goal #2" = $30,000
  • Expand the Project to ADD an extra 5KW of Solar to maximize cost savings as the electric bill is near $900 a month total.
  • USE OF FUNDS = Purchase and install of more rooftop solar equipment.
  • Overflow “Goal #3” = $50,000
  • Install 10KW on a Blind and Deaf Orphanage Location (they have 20 locations)
  • USE OF FUNDS = Purchase and install of more rooftop solar equipment.

Overflow Goals - How Can We Scale?

  • Overflow “Goal #4” = $70,000
  • Install 10KW on a Blind and Deaf Orphanage Location #2 (they have 20 locations)
  • USE OF FUNDS = Purchase and install of more rooftop solar equipment.
  • Overflow “Goal #5” = $100,000
  • Install 10KW on a Blind and Deaf Orphanage Location #3 (they have 20 locations)
  • USE OF FUNDS = Purchase and install of more rooftop solar equipment.

Overflow Goals - How Can We Scale?

  • Overflow “Goal #6” = $110,000 – $8,500,000
  • Install Solar on other locations of our waiting 293 orphanage list. Total Demand is 8.5 MM USD for all projects.
  • USE OF FUNDS = Purchase and install of more rooftop solar equipment.

Overflow Goals - How Can We Scale?

  • Once we reach our total funding target of $20,000 for this project location, all the extra raised will go to additional project locations for the same organization or very similar projects for another similar organization. We will have a project priority list in the “Project Priority list” Section. Funds will always go to similar projects first, generally beginning with projects for the same organization as lenders are pledging their support also for the organization. Such may include expanding the project in order to make extra electricity to sell on behalf of the organization thus making them additional income. All our projects work on the basis of sectioning and fractionalization where if a smaller section of the project can be completed to advance the goals of the overall project, we would build some. As this shows even greater credibility and progress to lenders and investor then this is what will be done. For all AOE Solar Orphanage projects for every $2,000 raised, there will be another KW added to the project. (some provision to install this 1KW at a new very similar project does apply if it will help AOE’s goals of showing more locations, or possibly pulling in financial/investor/donor-investment support from other organizations or advancing positive publicity for our fundraising successes.) Generally AOE will consider such addition and will prefer a new location rather than a 1KW addition only to a project as 1KW is the least economical addition size and much more cost-effective additions would be 5KW, 10KW or 20KW at a time. Savings are found in equipment and in installations. (shipping too!) AOE also always issues an overriding master guarantee on all our in-house projects, and always seeks fire, theft, vandalism insurance, or self-insures as an insurer, putting the same amount aside as an insurer would do.

Investment Rewards:

Some additional tokens of appreciation for those who finance our projects and help to make the AOE Change The World Charge Mission the Financially Empowering Development Surge the World has always needed. These benefits are all in addition to the interest gains that a person gets when financing the project. + You can choose to be paid in AOECOIN instead of interest, for further capital appreciation + If you and or your friends and contacts can bulk finance projects like these in full etc, you can earn broker/lender fees in addition to the interest and other benefits, and for those large scale private lenders, (100k+) even some profit sharing points in the projects.

cambodia funding situation

2015,2016,2017,2018 Capital Raising Landscape


Cambodia has no solar finance at all like most undeveloped finance markets. All Finance in Cambodia also requires real estate collateral coverage at 140% of the loan meaning if the loan is $10,000, you need to have $14,000 in real estate collateral. The interest rates also begin at 12% ranging up to 36% making it completely impossible to finance solar cost effectively, even IF there were any lenders in the country who would loan on it.

We have set this up to cover the lenders in a number of ways, and AOE takes full responsibility over the project ALSO as an overlapping guarantee to our lenders, to make sure that our lenders achieve profit and payback. Success breeds exponential success, and the template that can Change Big Things, so we won’t leave our lenders on the hook.

Cambodia is a Dollar Economy

Lending to or investing in emerging markets can carry higher interest rate returns but let’s face it there are usually some serious risks caused by exchange rate fluctuations of 1-40% a year! Not in Cambodia!! :D 90% of the entire economy is all US Dollar security. Isn’t it Beautiful? Peace of mind, stability, and high return for doing the right thing!

We can make a huge difference in undeveloped nations if we can just bridge the finance gap. Even the highest quality finance projects can’t get finance and Dev-Orgs are basically all talk completely useless and don’t finance anything less than 5 Million USD. Well, now you can be part of the solution, and get paid fantastically to be that Champion.

This is a strategic approach to building community that extends across the world all the way to those who need it the most. Our collective reach will deepen and broaden with each completed project, each lender, each investor, and each contributor. As we grow in success, our capacity to do more and the solidity of our business model and book of credit and lending will scale like a mushroom. Eventually Commercial finance will be available allowing us to do hundreds of projects all together in one master finance line. It all begins with your support!

All the project work is pre-done and ready to go. We just need the finance that’s it. We order the equipment and install it when it’s delivered.

AOE’s innovative Change The World Charge for-profit social enterprise finance solution solves the capital problems for these organizations resulting in maximum Impact in the sustainable business model the world needs and governments and Dev-Orgs just haven’t had the competency nor will to deliver. While they should have been doing this FIRST decades ago already, AOE together with you are set to shock right on through their failures and do it the right way with the right priorities, and literally carve out the template that can be used in all 240 nations of earth.

We’ve got the Shock and Charge, and you’ve got that amplifying Financial Current. Turn it up and there will be light! Alpha Omega Energy, CHARGE!!!

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