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1. E=FiCleanErgy supports the Commercialization of Break though Clean Energy Technology. We are the FIRST and ONLY Digital currency to support Top Innovators in this space at all.

  1. E=FiCleanErgy supports the Manufacturing and Installation of the Worlds #1 in Decentralized Energy Solutions, needed so badly by every human on the planet to be supported greatly.
  2. E=FiCleanErgy Rebukes the incredible mass corruption and mass manslaughter of the greatest holocaust in human history, being corruptly sustained by institutions like the World Bank, WEF, Underdevelopment Orgs, VCs, the toxic energy establishment, and the Corrupt Scicom+So called Climate Research+Big Megacorp Renewable+University-Government Establishments who have never supported and deliberately ignored the Breakthrough Small Private Innovators and this market and even ignored their Breakthroughs once they were dead or killed for the last 140 years including Nikola Tesla and his technologies.
  3. E=FiCleanErgy is not like the 99% of cloned code-only virtual economy crypt's that have no use case and no magnetization plan nor business plan and no assets no income and no hope to make any lasting Impact on humanity. AOECOIN is REAL ECONOMY, manufacturing the #1 in Clean Energy Solutions in Human History, and installing them directly to large clients and blockchain infrastructure.
  4. E=FiCleanErgy is 100% asset backed by REAL investment into hard infrastructure that last a lifetime like power plants, solar powered orphanages and social project buildings, and data centers and factories for the future of energy technology and solutions, AOE Technology.
  5. E=FiCleanErgy pays income up to 8x a day and will be adding more income streams in the future
  6. E=FiCleanErgy has a minimum fixed interest rate higher than banks of most nations around the world, and higher than government bond rates
  7. E=FiCleanErgy is not a security and the benefits are entirely dependent on ones nationality and the laws of their nation, benefits needing KYC in order to be paid out, but investment never restricted
  8. E=FiCleanErgy is the FIRST and ONLY digital currency project to support REAL INTELLIGENCE, which is powering the lights out undeveloped peaceful culture nations FIRST

E=FiCleanErgy Supports several powerful initiatives which will undoubtedly Change The Entire World and Entire Economic Future.

  1. Supports Breakthrough Clean Energy Technology Commercialization Directly by funding the manufacture and delivery of energy to our clients.
  2. Supports by the build out of the AOE Ecosystem of For-Profit Social Enterprises in our DNA Group-Up model.
  3. Supports REAL INTELLIGENCE, which is powering the lights out undeveloped peaceful culture nations FIRST, lifting hundreds of millions and ultimately Billions of people into the all New Alpha Omega Energy Era of Development Future Freedom Unprecedented.
  4. For those people who scream in their hearts for a Rebuke against iniquity, we are the Black Swan of Black Swans, and this is your change to send it.
  5. Ticks off 11 of 17 Sustainable Investment goals with one Investment, yours.
  6. Ends the toxic corruption of toxic energy
  7. Ends the man-made portion of man-made up Climate Change which is actually 100% solar caused and Co2 is a fully mitigatable accellerant to this should AOE gain investment support. While Co2 is a pollutant to the renewable industry, to AOE, it is FUEL.
  8. E=FiCleanErgy is the chance for all people to raise a fist against the immeasurable corruption pervading the whole world through all institutions from the World Bank, to the WEF, to governments, so called Climate researchers, to the toxic energy-institutional-university-scicom funded establishments and their total refusal to fund nor support in any way to date, any of the breakthrough energy innovators of the last 140 years, and then on top of it ignoring all of their technology and solutions even after they are dead, and burying them out of the history books. This is your Chance to Change It All.

E=FiCleanErgy was created by The Founder of Alpha Omega Energy with the purpose to scale up the commercialization of their Breakthrough Clean Energy technologies.

In July 2017, AOE Finally heard of the Waves platform and the ability for them as professional engineers but non-coders to make an “ICO”

Already building towards IPO Obsessively, without any real support and being applauded by hundreds, even thousands of people over years without a drop of financial support from anyone, AOE decided to try it and go to the people to raise investment support which is being held back from Innovators in the Energy space.

Seeing ICO as the biggest development finance revolution in human history, and the very first time the green light of the global stock market has turned on, AOE raced onto the Blockchain as fast as possible for non-coders to do.

They finally gained support by someone in the Bitcoin and mining and digital currency trading business, created over 500 more Breakthrough Techs, and is now Charging towards scale up capital.

Yes. With E=FiCleanErgy you have access to your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please contact a E=FiCleanErgy loan officer as mortgage rates may change throughout the day.

The First step is to contact a E=FiCleanErgy loan officer. By completing an application , you can be pre-qualified so that you learn how much of a mortgage you can handle given your financial situation.

You can learn if a particular check has cleared by logging onto E=FiCleanErgy, a free service available to all E=FiCleanErgy customers. You may also contact a customer service representative during our regular hours.

We provide…

  1. The most competitive rates available
  2. Financial strength and stability
  3. US offices coast-to-coast, in Canada, and Worldwide
  4. Individualized service that is professional and unparalleled
  5. 40 years experience serving small to medium sized businesses
  6. Numerous programs and flexibility to meet the specific needs of individual companies
  7. Funding from $25,000 to $2,000,000 per month
  8. Web access to your accounting records to provide real time reporting

No information about borrowers or lenders is shared with any third parties. Information is shared only for purposes of transactions with the borrowers and lenders. Only necessary information such as loan requirements, purpose, employment status and details, educational background etc. is shared on the site between the borrowers and lenders for making informed decisions. No contact details such as e-mail id, phone numbers are shared between borrowers and lenders.

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